Okay, there are some things I miss about Florida …

Hi, friends and readers:

As much as I love Berlin in summer, Florida has certain sights that cannot be found elsewhere …

A friend sent me this pic and I think it’s just beautiful. If you visit the Florida  coastline during summer, you may come across  something like this. (Yes, tropical climates have their advantages.)

I’ve always been a beach kid; I have lived in Florida all my life. As a teenager my home was steps from the Gulf of Mexico. Today, I live on a small island west of Tampa. My front door is one hundred yards from the Gulf and forty feet from the Intracoastal Waterway.

(Yeah, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.)

Anyway, normally I fall asleep to the sound of waves slapping the shore — an aural delight unavailable in Berlin. But I hear birds chirping in the trees this evening, and it’s very nice.

Now, if only the young man in this photo I posted would pay me a visit here, my weekend would be complete.

Auf wiedersehen, freunden!

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