“Cruising for bad boys” now on the market

Hi, friends and readers:

The STARbooks firm just notified me that Cruising For Bad Boys, an erotic fiction anthology, went on the market today. I yuou want to buy a copy, you can click on the cover in the sidebar at right, and you’ll immediately reach the publisher’s site.

I posted earlier about this book. My story’s titled If You Only Knew. It’s a humourous and sexy piece about a gay boy named Stewart who’s into spying on naked guys and masturbating in public places.

When Stewart goes to college, he befriends Grady, a fraternity boy whose interests  are similar to Stewart’s. Together, they pursue sexual adventure on the university campus.

I hope you’ll buy a copy of Cruising For Bad Boys. Some of the better authors of male/male erotcia have contributed stories to this anthology and I think you’ll enjoy it.

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