A busy thursday in berlin …

I had a busy day. My Angel Gabriel story is almost complete. At 10,000 words it’s really a novella. Today was “clean the apartment” day, which was okay. Now the bathroom and kitchen sparkle and they smell fresh and everything looks good. I ran errands too, and I bought more postcards. (I owe so many people postcards.)

When all the work was done, the sun shone and I took a ninety-minute walk, photographing all sorts of things: buildings, flowers and, okay … guys. The one to the left sat in front of a high school — a gymnasium it’s called. This is an institution for kids on the university track. (I used auto-focus to take this pic and, to me, it looks kind of fuzzy. What do you think? My photographic skills are not very good. Sorry.)

I guess this boy was waiting for his ride. Who knows?

Update on 24.08.2009: I don’t believe it … I just received notice from a friend that someone swiped the photo I posted here and placed it on their teen eye-candy website. Come on, guys, my camera skills are not stellar,  and he’s wearing clothes, too. I know he’s cute, but …


When you walk about Berlin, you see young men like this everywhere: tall, lanky guys with broad shoulders and narrow waists and beautiful skin and hair. They are, without exception, soft-spoken and a little bit shy.

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