Berlin’s gay/lesbian street festival

Hi, friends and readers:

My friends, Tim and Jessica, took me out for dinner last night, but beforehand we visited the gay/lesbian street festival, an annual event that takes place one week before the Christopher Street Day parade in Berlin. The festival was a mob scene — thousands of gay men and lesbian couples.

I suppose the good weather was responsible for producing such a major turnout. Tents on both sides of the street sold beer,  cocktails, wine, sausages and (yes) hamburgers.

People  from all over Europe — Spain especially — attended the festival.  Men held hands and kissed in the street and it was awfully sexy.

After dinner, I returned to Nollendorfplatz. The crowd was even bigger than before. I stopped by Tom’s Bar, normally one of my favorite nightspots in the Nollendorfplatz neighborhood, but it was so crowded and stuffy that I left after two beers, preferring the fresh air of the street.

Around two A.M. I grabbed the night bus home, and now here I am at three in the morning, wide awake. (Oh, the wages of sin …)

I hope everyone has a nice Sunday. I plan to sleep late myself.

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