“Angel Gabriel” story complete and submitted …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, it’s a happy day for me. I finished the final draft of Angel Gabriel, an 11,000-word novella about an angel who lives on Earth, works at WalMart and falls in love with his co-worker, a good-looking Puerto Rican guy named Hector who lives in a trailer park .

I submitted the story this morning to a publishing house and editor I haven’t worked with before, which is always a challenge. Once a house gets to know an author they’ll tend to buy his/her fiction without much hesitation. But I like spreading my work around. Every house has its own stable of readers who might not see work from other houses, so it’s always good exposure for me when I sell a story to a house for the first time.

It was nice in Berlin this morning — sunny and cool. I hit the gym this afternoon (Boy, I love swimming laps in that pool.) and rain was sprinkling when I left, but nothing bad. The rain’s quit now and it should be a nice evening here.

As I mentioned in my last post, Tom’s Bar here in Berlin has drink specials on Monday night, among them a two-for-one deal on bottled Beck’s beer. There’s always an interesting crowd, so I think I may pay a visit around ten-thirty tonight.

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