A visit to the “kleingaerten”

Berlin kleinesgaerten for blogHi, friends and readers:

Today I took a long walk with my camera, photographing buildings in my neighborhood, then I visited the kleingaerten I’ve talked about in earlier posts. It’s where I take my five kilometer runs four days a week. This is a plot of land probably ten acres in size, divided into small lots that are leased to individuals. Each renter builds a small cottage on his/her lot, then grows a garden of flowers and vegetables there during the warm months of the year. Some of the cottages are quite elaborate, as are the gardens, and all are carefully maintained. It’s a beautiful place, a quiet oasis within the big city. There are strict rules against making too much noise, and no vehicular traffic is permitted, just bicycles. There’s a beer garden and recreational area.

Berlin kleinesgaerten for blog #2

Some people live in their cottages on the weekends, some for longer periods of time. I often see a school bus dropping off kids at the kleingaerten, so I presume families are permitted to live there full-time.

Last night I visited Tom’s Bar for the two-for-one Beck’s beer special. The place was crowded, despite the fact it was a Monday evening. People are getting excited about the CSD parade which will take place this coming Saturday afternoon. All of the bars and night clubs are sponsoring parties.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures from the kleingaerten. I took about twenty photos there today and I’ll try to post some more in the days ahead.

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