Gloomy day in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s an overcast, damp and gloomy Thursday in Berlin, but here’s a photo that should brighten anyone’s day.  Nice, huh?

Lethe Press has put out a call for submissions seeking short stories with erotic themes involving black gay men, something I’ve never written about before. So, I thought I’d get adventurous and submit a story. I started one yesterday. It takes place in a small island community called Man-O-War Cay in a part of The Bahamas known as The Abacos.

I have rented vacation homes in Man-O-War Cay several times, and also in nearby Elbow Cay. Both islands are beautiful, with white sand beaches, coral reefs, coconut palms and a large variety of flowering shrubs and trees. The snorkeling is great and the fishing’s pretty good, too. It’s a perfect setting, I think, for a sexy and, I hope, emotionally-moving story.

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