Concert time in Berlin this evening …

Hi, friends and readers:

After three days of overcast and damp weather, the sky has cleared and it’s a sunny afternoon in Berlin. I took my friends, Marcus and Sarah, for a late lunch at a nice Italian trattoria just a few blocks from my building. The food was excellent and the atmosphere lovely.

Tonight I’ll attend a rock concert with two friends, Jens and Daniel (that’s Daniel at left, a total goof and, no, he’s not gay), at the O2 Arena here in Berlin. The name of the group is The Kings of Leon. I’d never heard of them, but Jens played me one of their CDs and I really liked it, so I decided to go. Jens and Daniel are university students in their mid-twenties and I think it’s sweet of them to let an old guy like me tag along for the evening. As I mentioned before, German young people do not practice “ageism”; they are perfectly comfortable with persons far older than themselves, which I think is very cool.

After the concert, perhaps I’ll visit Nollendorfplatz and patronize a couple of bars there. With the nice weather, the crowds should be large and maybe I’ll make a friend.

Update on 11.05.2009: Daniel’s pic has been hijacked by several gay sites. He’s everywhere. Sorry, Daniel.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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