June’s almost over? Oh, no …

Hi, friends and readers:

I can’t believe I have been here a month already. June’s almost gone? Oh, no!

I simply love Berlin. And let me take this opportunity to rant a bit about Americans’ attitudes toward foreign cultures.

When I tell people in Florida that I will spend my summer in Berlin they often look at me like I am crazy. They’ll ask questions like, “Do they have electricity over there?” Or, “Is the water okay to drink?” Or, “What will you eat while you are there?”

Listen, I have visited every major U. S.  city:  NYC, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Boston. None are as civilized and beautiful as Berlin. And, yes, Berliners have all the amenities of modern living. People live a bit more simply here, but that’s by choice. Their idea of a nice Sunday is a picnic in the park with family and friends.

I don’t know how Germans earned a reputation in America for being loud, aggressive and rude people. They are nothing of the sort. Almost without exception they are soft-spoken, polite and kind, especially here in Berlin, and that includes the teenagers. Every time I enter a shop or a supermarket and make a purchase, the cashier or shopkeeper will smile and wish me a schoen tage, i.e., a “beautiful day.” We Americans can learn a lot from the German people, when it comes to our public interactions with one another.

Okay, rant over … The number of visits to this blog have increased dramatically over the past few weeks, now that I am posting daily. I welcome suggestions for improving the blog, and if anyone has any questions about something I have posted, feel free to ask.

It’s Monday, which is two-for-one Beck’s night at Tom’s. I think I’ll pay a visit.

Have a great day, everyone.

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