Sexy farm boy; I survived my tom’s bar hangover …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, it’s six P.M. in Berlin, sunny and warm. The birds are chirping outside my windows and, yeah, I survived my Tom’s Bar hangover.

I dragged myself to the supermarket around three P.M. and stocked my fridge, then I ran five kilometers in the kleingaerten. I think I sweated out most of the alcohol still left in my body, and now I feel much better.

I just spent an hour playing my guitar on my balcony. It’s so beautiful here this evening, probably 78 degrees F. On the street, everyone’s in a good mood because the weather’s so nice.

I received some interesting comments regarding my post about Berliners and how civil they are.  Some comments were positive, some … not so positive. Well, I can only say that I’d encourage anyone to visit this great city and spend some time here. You will not regret it.

Regarding the photo I’ve posted here, I have no idea who the young man is or who photographed him, but I think it’s a great picture. I’d guess the photo was taken on a ranch in the southwest United States.

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