Cute guy in a Mickey Mouse shirt; back from my fishing trip; cool weather’s here …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yeah, I’m back from my fishing camp with a sunburned nose, a Ziploc bag full of fish filets, and a relaxed attitude. My friend and I had a great time. He brought his spear gun and snorkeling stuff and we visited a rock pile in the Gulf where he speared a nice grouper and a Spanish mackerel, then we caught a speckled trout and another mackerel with our rods and reels. We’ll have a little dinner party here on the island Tuesday night and enjoy our catch.

The weather up at camp was superb, the water clear, the sunsets beautiful. It does me good to spend time in the outdoors like that.

Traffic on the blog this weekend was kinda slow, no doubt due to an absence of posts on my part. But I’m back, and I’ve posted a nice photo I think you will all like.

The weather here has cooled. I did some yard work this afternoon, then  tonight I watched sunset with my neighbors. It was pretty, with lots of gold, red, green and blue. A nice breeze was blowing and everyone was in a good mood. Now my dinner’s in the oven and it’s time to answer all the e-mails that came in while I was gone.

Have a nice Sunday evening, all.

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