Sexy and shirtless young man; comment from a gay skater; beautiful day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m back from a nice workout and swim at the YMCA. I just powered up my laptop and a person who follows this blog had sent me the photograph I’ve posted here. Pretty hot stuff, eh?

I wonder what this boy’s name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s Aaron from Birmingham, Alabama. Anyone else care to speculate? There’s another photo of this guy floating around the Internet, one where he displays his, uh … personal equipment.


I also received a nice comment from a young man named Lance, a skateboarder and high school student from a small town in Michigan, thanking me for my posts on gay skateboarders. Lance is gay and he says he’s reluctant to share this information with any of his skater buds, ” … because they might kick my ass.” He says, “Reading your posts on gay skaters makes me feel less lonely and isolated. Please keep them up.”

Will do, Lance.

It’s another beautiful evening here on the island. The temperature’s around 78 F, there’s a nice breeze, and we’re going to have another beautiful sunset tonight. What more could I ask for?

Have a nice Monday night, all.

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