Lazy Friday night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

A follower of this blog sent me the photo I’ve posted here, and I really like it.  The young man’s quite beautiful, but he seems to suffer from angst. What’s troubling him? Did he have an argument with his boyfriend?

I’m back from Gainesville. My visit was a mixed bag; I’m always flooded with memories from my four years spent there. I was 17 when I arrived at the university, 21 when I left, and I went through many changes. I wasn’t always happy when I was there.

It’s a beautiful evening on the island, breezy and cool. It’ll be a quiet night for me. I have two fresh mullet filets, courtesy of a friend, and I’ll cook them for dinner. Then I think I’ll read a while. I’m re-reading a great novel by Gore Vidal titled 1876. It was published in 1976 and it’s beautifully written.

Tomorrow there’s a community fish broil here on the island, to benefit a private grade school down the street. I promised two friends I’d go.

Enjoy your Friday night, everybody.

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