Hurricane’s gone, but skies are still gray …

Hi, friends and readers:

Last night, I returned from the dinner party I attended in town: good food, good wine¬†and great company. Someone had sent me the photo I’ve posted here. What a hot guy; he’s so sexy. Anyone know who he is?

Hurricane Ida has left us, but the sky is still cloudy and the air is warm and damp. Yuck.

I’ve got all sorts of appointments today, so I’ll be spending much of it in my car, running here and there — something I don’t care for.

A surfer named Andy from Delray Beach, FL sent me a comment yesterday, telling me how much he enjoyed reading my short story, Sebastian Inlet. It appears in a Cleis Press anthology titled Surfer Boys. Funny thing is, Andy is straight. His best friend is gay and he lent Andy the anthology and Andy says he found some of the stories “interesting”, even though he could not relate to the male/male sex.

Surfer Boys was edited by Neil Plaxcy and it’s a sexy collection. Most of the stories are very well written and they take place all over the world. Here’s a link if you want to buy it:

Thanks for the compliment, Andy. I hope you and everyone else has a nice Tuesday.

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