Naked guy with a cute butt …


Someone sent me the photo I’ve posted this morning and I couldn’t resist putting it up right away. Is there anything more attractive than a naked young man with a cute butt?

It’s beautiful here on the island this morning. Quiet, sunny and still, with a temperature around 76 degrees F.

In an hour I’ll pack up my stuff. I’ll strap my surfboard on the roof of my car and hit the road. The drive to the East Coast is easy — all highway and no traffic lights. Because it’s Sunday the roads should not be crowded. I actually enjoy the drive over there; it gives me time to think without any interruptions.

Anyone besides me watch the Gators beat South Carolina yesterday? The game was a bit of a nail-biter, until the final ten minutes. I believe the victory means they’ll go to the SEC championship game against Alabama. Go Gators!

My stats indicate we’ll have heavy traffic on the blog today. It’s nice to know that so many folks pay a visit each day.

Have a pleasant Sunday, all.

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