Wake up, it’s Friday and there’s much to do …

Hi, friends and readers:

Get out of that bed, put the coffee on, and get busy. It’s Friday and there’s lots to to!

Well, I’ve got a full plate anyway: three hours of writing, then a YMCA workout and swim. A friend and I will do happy hour at our city’s most popular gay bar, then I’m preparing dinner for myself and a guest.

I’ve started a new story — no working title yet — set in Cassadaga, a Florida, community where many psychics and mediums live and work. I began work on this piece yesterday, and I’ll complete the first scene today. The main character’s a gay high school student named Tyler. His life changes when his older step-brother, who Tyler’s never met, is released from prison and comes to live in Tyler’s home. I have no idea where the story’s headed yet, but it will involve some aspects of spirituality and the afterworld, I’m sure.

It’s a beautiful day on the island, cool and sunny with very little wind. Perfect weather in my book, anyway.

Have a great Friday, everyone.

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