Heavy traffic on the blog today …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m experiencing a huge surge of visits on this blog today and, as usual, the most popular posts are those discussing gay skateboarders. I notice that if I Google the term “gay skateboarder” my blog is one of the first “results” that appears. I still don’t understand the level of interest in this topic, but whatever.

Does everyone like the photo I’ve posted today. I think it’s cute , but a little sad. He looks like he’s had a bad day. I always prefer candid shots to posed pictures. They seem more … genuine.

I did not have time to post this morning. It’s already past five in the evening here on the island. Outside it’s warm and humid, so I’m running my air conditioning. Kind of strange, considering we’re now in the last week of November.

Have a nice Monday, all.

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