Mexican lover boys …

Hi, friends and readers:

Don’t you just love Latin men? The photo I’ve posted here comes from Enrique and Guillermo. They live in the Yucatan city of Merida, on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. As I’ve said before, black and white photography appeals to me; I’m not sure why. These young men are handsome and clearly they’re in love. Sweet, eh?

Traffic on this blog has been especially heavy he past three days. I guess I’m not the only one who likes photos of young gay couples getting affectionate. More to come, guys.

It’s another beautiful fall day here on the island. Sunny and cool, no wind. After I work on my Cassadaga story I’ll head to the YMCA for a workout and a swim.

Last night’s sunset was one of the prettiest of the year: orange, red, gold, green and pink. I hated to leave the beach. Ah, Florida …

Have a good Monday, all.

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