Sexy guy in the shower; will this rain ever stop?

Hi, friends and readers:

I just got home from the YMCA, flicked on the PC and found this photo I’ve posted. Someone sent it to me, thinking I’d like it , and I do. The young man’s sexy and I love the expression on his face. I need someone like him in my shower …

This blog’s getting tons of hits today. The most popular posts? The Zac Efron post from this morning, the gay skateboarder posts, and posts with photos of guys kissing.

It has rained steadily, all day. I hope it quits soon, ’cause tomorrow night we’re having an outdoor, neighborhood party, in front of my house. About fifty people will attend. We set up serving tables and everyone brings food and drink and lawn chairs. I’ll probably play my guitar and sing a little, and we’ll have recorded music as well. So, hopefully we’ll have sunshine tomorrow.

Have a nice Friday evening, all.

3 thoughts on “Sexy guy in the shower; will this rain ever stop?

  1. Hey! May I ask who is this guy on this picture. He is extremely similar to an american actor (Dylan O’Brien). I’d love to know his name and find some details about him! I hope you know at least the original source :))
    Have a nice day, and thanks for sharing this beauty!

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