Zac Efron and his bud …

Hi, friends and readers:

Since this is the week for photos of lovers  and boyfriends getting affectionate, I thought I’d post this one. That’s Zac Efron, film actor, on the right. And I don’t know anything about Zac’s private life, so don’t assume anything from this picture.

I’ve never seen any of Zac’s  movies, other than Hairspray. But he sure is cute, isn’t he? And I think it’s sweet that he’s not afraid to give his bud a kiss at a party. I’m told he’s a very nice guy, too.

It’s damp and chilly here on the island this morning, not my kind of weather. But yesterday I got my Christmas cards written and mailed. I brought my decorations down from the attic and put them up, and now I’m in the holiday spirit. Woo-hoo!

Have a nice Friday, all.

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