A cute guy in the Christmas spirit; gay football player sounds off …

Hi, friends and readers:

I know what I want under my Christmas tree this year. (No, not the coffee mug, guys. I want the cute young man. How about it, Santa?)

I attended our community’s Christmas bonfire party last night, along with about one hundred others folks. It was cold and breezy on the beach, but everyone bundled up and it was fun. The music got me in the Christmas spirit. Now, gimmee those Jingle Bells!

I received a thoughtful comment from a high school senior from rural Nebraska. He is gay and played on his school’s football team the past three years, as a pass receiver. He didn’t tell me his name. He says, “I scored eight touchdowns this year. I caught passes that gained over 400 yards this season, but if my teammates and coaches knew I was gay they would have made me quit the team, I’m sure of it. And I think that’s very unfair. It’s not like I’m going to hit on some guy in the locker room. Why should I be judged by my sexual orientation instead of my accomplishments on the field? Anyway, besides my best friend, who doesn’t play football, nobody at school knows I’m gay and I plan to keep it that way. I hope things improve when I go to college next year.”

Kind of depressing, eh?

By the way, I often receive requests from people, asking for contact information on guys whose comments I’ve posted here. I’m sure most of these requests are motivated by a desire to help a young athlete, skater or BMXer who is struggling with his sexuality, but look … I’m not running a hook-up site here. The Internet has enough of those already. So, I’m sorry, but if someone sends me a comment I post here, I will not provide his contact information to anyone. That’s my policy.

Have a fun Saturday, everyone.

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