Naked young man in a truck; beautiful night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

A person who follows this blog sent me the photo I’ve posted this evening. I think it’s very … inspiring. The young man’s beautiful and I love his smile. (I wonder if he has a boyfriend?)

I had a great day. I had a productive writing session this morning, an excellent workout and swim. The pool was deserted this afternoon, so I had my own lap lane. I guess everyone’s busy with holiday shopping.

It’s beautiful here this evening. About 75 degrees F, sunny and just the slightest breeze. A neighbor and I will watch sunset at the beach, then I’ll be working on edits on a story I’ll have published next spring.

I received two comments from men who’d both read my new novella, Maui. Both had very nice things to say. One said, “I’m ashamed to admit I cried at the end of the story.”

A-w-w-w. Now, that’s sweet.

Have nice Monday evening, all.

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