Busy night on the phone; busy Wednesday for Martin …

Hi,  friends and readers:

Last night was a busy one for me. I had lengthy phone conversations with three friends. First, a buddy from Muenster, Germany who just returned from a trip to Thailand. Then with a friend in Rio de Janeiro. Then with another friend from Richmond. By the time I finished talking it was past midnight, then I lay in bed reading until almost two A.M.

Now, it’s almost noon on Wednesday. My Cassadaga story keeps growing, developing new plot twists. It may turn into a full length novel. (Writing fiction is a curious process.) This afternoon, I’ll do a full workout and swim at the YMCA, then tonight I’ll take three friends out for dinner, my Christmas gift to them. We’ll dine at one of our city’s better restaurants.

By the time I get home this evening it’ll likely be ten P.M., then I’m supposed to speak with my friend in Rio a second time. I may pay a visit down there after the holidays. He says it’s a beautiful city.

Does everyone have their Christmas shopping done? Get busy, guys! And have a fine Wednesday, all.

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