Sexy surfer, nice Christmas dinner …

Hi, friends and readers:

Next time you ask yourself, “Why does Martin like Brevard County so much?”, take a look at this photo.

I’m angry I did not go surfing Tuesday. The surf reports said the weather would get crappy this morning, but the cold front stalled and today’s conditions were perfect. Damn!

It’s getting chilly on the island tonight. By the weekend the lows will hit the mid-40s and my fireplace will burn. It’s okay. We need cool weather for Christmas, right?

The dinner party I threw for friends at a restaurant tonight was great. Good company, good service, fine food and great Sangria. I LOVE Spanish cuisine. I only drank one martini, since I had to drive home. Now I’m sitting before the keyboard, answering e-mails and doing a bit of editing. How could life get any better?

Good night, all.

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