Are skinny guys sexy? Busy Sunday for Martin; chilly night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photo I’ve posted here this evening? I do, but then I have a liking for slender young men. It’s funny, when I went off to college I was six-foot-one and weighed 155 pounds; I was a string bean and I didn’t like it. Being skinny was uncool at the time, but I sense things have changed a lot since then. Skinny’s okay now, I think. Am I right?

It’s been a busy day for me, working on my writing, taking care of e-mails, potting several plants, then installing two Venetian blinds and shortening them to fit the window spaces they now occupy. (If you’ve never performed this task, believe me: it’s a major pain in the butt.)

Anyway, the jobs are done and I feel so productive. I’m taking my mom out for dinner to a nice seafood place tonight — an early Christmas gift to her. The restaurant we’ll go to has really good food and a nice wine list, so I am looking forward to the evening.

Outside it’s turned cold and windy, and that’s okay. It’s Christmas time; it should be chilly. Right? Now it’s time to crack open a beer and do a little editing.

Have a nice Sunday evening, all.

6 thoughts on “Are skinny guys sexy? Busy Sunday for Martin; chilly night on the island …

  1. Skinny guys do look so much better then pumped up. They look natural and the shape of the whole body is more harmonic and lovely. I like them more. I really like the photo.

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