Gay skateboarders: an interesting comment …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here on the island. Outside, the temperature’s around 68 degrees F. The sun is shining and it’s breezy. Yesterday’s trip to Home Depot has prepared me for a full list of household projects I’ll accomplish after I finish my writing: Install Venetian blinds, install light fixture, pot plants, etc. Exciting stuff, eh?

Okay, last night I received an interesting comment from two skaters in San Diego, CA — Zach and Johnny, both UCSD students who live on campus. Both are dedicated skateboarders, both are gay. They met online back in August, now they are boyfriends. Here’s what they had to say on the issue of gay boys/men participating in the skateboarding subculture:

“Look,  there are plenty of assholes in the skating community. There are assholes everywhere, in all parts of society. But we’re out to the grinders on campus and our sexuality is not a problem for them, not that we know of. Maybe it’s different in an off-campus environment, but Johnny’s from Irvine and Zach’s from San Jose and we both were out to our skater friends before we came to UCSD. Again, no problem. We don’t think homophobia’s as big an issue as some of your commenters say.

“But thanks, man, for bringing up the question. All you queer grinders out there: keep it goin’. ”

Okay, Zach and Johnny. Thanks for writing. I’m glad to hear that in some places gay skaters are accepted for how they skate, not who they love.

Have a nice Sunday, all.

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