Okay, okay: here’s a Christmas photo …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, all right … I received several comments griping about the fact I did not post a photo this morning with a Christmas theme, and I suppose the complaints are justified. After all, Christmas Eve only comes once a year, right? So … here’s a nice photo of a handsome young man who’s clearly in the holiday spirit. Everybody happy now?

I just finished my writing for the day, now it’s time for a three-mile run. Outside it’s not cold but it’s not warm, either. Just overcast and a little damp, good weather for running.

I received phone calls from good friends a little while ago, wishing me a Merry Christmas. And I received some very nice cards from folks I don’t see often enough. So, I’m in a good mood and ready to party tonight. I’m cooking paella, a Spanish dish, for my guests. I hope it comes out okay!

Happy Christmas Eve, all.

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