Merry Christmas everyone …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, I know this blog’s popular primarily because of the photos of sexy young men I post here, and I promise I’ll post a good one here later today. But this morning, let’s all focus on Christmas, shall we? Let’s count our blessings, let those who are dear to us know we love them, and appreciate, for a moment, the simple but beautiful things life offers: nature’s beauty, good food and drink, friendship and, of course, romantic love, which is often elusive but is so wonderful when it happens.

My dinner party last night was lots of fun. My paella turned out tasty and all my guests enjoyed themselves. One guest, a young man I’ve known since his high school days, stayed into the wee hours this morning. We drank wine and chatted and it was a nice way to wrap up Christmas Eve.

This morning it rained for a bit, now it’s cool and damp, but that’s okay. Wherever you are: Florida, California, NYC, Rio de Janeiro, Hawaii or Afghanistan, I hope you’re enjoying the holiday.

As I said above, I’ll make another post later today, before I leave for Christmas dinner at my neighbor’s home. I’ll try to find an especially nice photo to post.

Merry Christmas, all.

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