It’s COLD on the island tonight …

Hi, f-f-friends and r-r-readers:

It’s COLD on the island tonight. Okay not as cold as the place tonight’s photo was taken, but the low tonight will be around thirty-six F. That’s about as cold as it ever gets in west central Florida. I need someone to snuggle with!

The pool at the YMCA was wonderfully warm when I swam my laps today. I didn’t want to get out after I finished. (That partly had to do with the lifeguard on duty today — a cute, blond lad.)

I’m home now and my house is nice and toasty, and later I’ll flick the fireplace on. I just opened a beer and plan to do a little editing on my Cassadaga piece before dinner. Now, if I only had a hat like the boy in tonight’s photo¬†wears, things would be perfect. (Actually, they’d be more perfect if he were here, too.)

Stay warm, everybody.

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