Another cute guy in his undies; Martin’s back on the running trail

Hi, friends and neighbors:

A reader who folllows this blog sent me the photo I’ve posted here this evening. What a cute guy, and what cute briefs. Thanks, Samuel, for sending the pic!

It was beautiful here this afternoon. Clear skies and sunny, with only a light breeze. Perfect for running. I don’t think I had run in a week because of the bad weather and northerly winds, and it sure felt good to get outdoors and pound the pavement. We’ll have another cold night, once the sun goes down, but that’s okay. I’ll light the fireplace and get things toasty.

A gay skaterboarder named Chris, who’s from Houston, wrote me to say how much he enjoys my posts about gay boys/men who skate. He said, “There’s no way I’d tell my skater friends I’m gay. They’d probably stop being my friends if they knew.”

I think that’s kind of sad. If someone would dump you just because he finds out you’re gay, is he really your friend? I think not. Okay, I know the skateboarding subculture’s a bit homophobic, but if I have learned one thing during the past six months it’s this: there are lots of gay skaters out there.

Okay, I have a little editing to do right now, so I’ll sign off. Enjoy your Tuesday evening, all.

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