In praise of Brent Corrigan …

Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t buy porno videos, not my thing. But you have to admit, Brent Corrigan’s mighty sexy. I’ve mentioned him in previous posts, and today I am posting a photo of Brent a reader sent me. What a sexy guy!

Comments continue to pour in from people who’ve read Love Quest. So far it seems everyone likes the story. I’m always surprisedĀ at how many women like to read male/male erotica and romance novels. Why is that?

I’m posting late today. In a few minutes I am off to the YMCA. This evening I’ll dine out with friends in the city. It’s still cold outside, but sunny and the wind has stopped blowing. Works for me!

Update: I just returned home from spending an evening with friends in the city. We dined at our favorite Mexican restaurant, the food was great. It’s still quite cold on the island tonight. The low will probably hit 45 degrees F. The past ten days have been the coldest we’ve had in west central Florida since the 1890s. Imagine that …

Have a nice Wednesday, all.

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