Goodbye cold weather, don’t come back, please …

Hi, friends and readers:

See the expression on the young man’s face at left. That’s the way I feel about the disappearance of the bitterly cold weather we’ve experienced lately. Good riddance!

It’s beautiful here on the island this afternoon, about 75 degrees F, with no wind. I have my doors and windows open and my orchids are back on the porch, bathing in sunshine. I can almost hear them sigh in relief …

I am planning another quiet night here on the island. I may a friend for dinner, I don’t know yet. I have recipe for bay scallops over pasta I may want to try out. It’s always fun experimening on guests.

Thanks again to all of you who’ve written to tell em how much you enjoyed reading Love Quest.  I am so pleased at the response I’ve received to the book.

Enjoy your Friday night, everyone.

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