Cute guy losing his pants; Martin’s back is tired …

Hi, friends and readers:

What’s more sexy than watching a cute guy take his pants off? I really like the photo I’ve posted here this evening. The young man’s sexy and he looks … playful, doesn’t he?

The weather here’s been crappy all day — damp and overcast and windy. But at least it’s not cold. (You have to look on the bright side, you know …)

Okay, I spent the entire day working on my house painting project, caulk gun in hand. What fun, eh? The project’s coming along nicely, but it involves a great deal of bending and reaching and climbing on and off ladders. It’s total drudge work, and now my back’s tired.

I know I’ll be glad I’ve done this work when the project is finished, but right now my home looks like a cyclone blew through it and I am sick of sanding and caulking. (All right, Martin, quit griping …)

I’m spending a quiet evening at home, doing a bit of editing. I have leftovers from last night’s dinner out, so I don’t have to cook. (Yes-s-s-s …) I hope everyone’s Thursday was good. Enjoy your evening.

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