Cute boy with guitar. David Archuleta avalanche …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, my post this morning, with a photo of David Archuleta, has generated a huge volume of visits to this blog today from fans of Mr. Archuleta. Look, I don’t watch television, I have never seen American Idol, and I don’t know a thing about the guy’s private life. So, the fact I posted his photo here on the unofficial “Queer Skater/ Surfer/BMXer/Wrestler Forum” does not  imply that Mr. Archuleta is gay. Okay, everyone? (Whew, this guy has a lot of rabid fans. What kind of music does he sing, anyway? Probably not Sex Pistols punk tunes, I love them.)

My Maine story’s progressing nicely. I received a few nice comments on Love Quest from readers. My workout at the YMCA was good, but I got stuck between two “lane hogs” while I swam laps in the pool, which is always irritating as crap! I nearly got kicked in the face several times. Why are people so inconsiderate?

So, now I’m home, stocked with beer, wine and food for the weekend, and ready to enjoy this balmy weather. I have my doors and windows open; it’s around 75 degrees F outside. Perfect!

Enjoy your Friday night, all.

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