Martin’s still a bit lonely …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, I’m still a bit down because my friend from Wisconsin is gone. We had such a good time while he was here, but his visit went by far too quickly. (Sniffle …)

Okay, Martin: shake it off.

It’s another beautiful, sunny day on the island. My orchids are blooming, so are my impatiens, and my coconut palms seem to be recovering from the below-freezing weather we endured during January. My Confederate jasmine vines are getting ready to bloom as well. Ah, spring …

I haven’t worked on my writing since Monday morning and it’s time I got back to my new story. This afternoon I am stuck at home because an appliance repair guy is coming to fix my freezer, so I guess I’ll do a little work in my yard while I wait for him. A neighbor has invited me for Easter dinner and I’m bringing homemade potato salad as my contribution, so I must visit the supermarket to buy necessaries, and that will be a challenge, as our island will be overrun by beachgoers and the traffic will be maniacal.

I hope everyone has a nice Good Friday.

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