Shirtless and sweaty; nice evening ahead …

Hi, friends and readers:

What’s sexier than a cute guy who’s shirtless and sweaty? Um-m-m-m … I can’t think of anything right now, can you? Thanks, Carl in Raleigh-Durham, for the nice photo I’ve posted here tonight.

It’s been a good day. I wrote all morning long, making substantial progress on my new story, then editing a story titled East Beach I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes, after I finish the first draft of a story, I have to let it sit a while before I do edits. This gives me fresh perspective on the piece when I return to it, and right away I see flaws I missed the first time around. East Beach  is about two lifeguards, Ian and Kevin, who work together for a summer. Both are gay, but Ian’s in the closet and terrified of his feelings toward Kevin. Can he overcome his fear and confess his need for Kevin?

My freezer is fixed. (Yes-s-s-s …) Okay, maybe it seems inconsequential to some of you, but if you lived in Florida you’d understand my feeling of relief at having this problem resolved. My icemaker’s working again and my freezer drawer fits nice and tight. Thanks, Sears!

I hit the supermarket around five PM. The roads were a nightmare. Then I took a three-mile run, which calmed me down. Now I’ve opened a beer and I’ll do a bit of editing. I’m staying on the island tonight, doing sunset with my neighbors and maybe reading a novel. Sounds like a good Friday evening to me!

Enjoy yourselves tonight, all.

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  1. Hey, this is actually a picture of me, taken from my personal blog without my permission so I would appreciate it if you could remove it from your blog.

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