Sexy, pensive young man in a hoodie; another busy day for the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

I love good photography, but sometimes I like amateur shots, even when they’re takan off a guy’s webcam, like today’s photo post.  I like the expression on the young man’s face. What’s he thinking about?

It’s early, but already visits to this blog today are way more numerous than usual. I wonder if we’re headed for another record breaking day? And why have so many people suddenly developed an interest in my posts? I don’t have a clue. In any case, it’s nice to be noticed.

What’s on my plate today? This morning I’ll work on my new story; it’s nearing first draft completion and I like the way it’s turning out. This afternoon I’ll visit the YMCA and run a few errands. Tonight I’ll visit the city to hang out with my Wednesday night buds and we’ll have dinner at a restaurant. It’s always fun. So, I have a full day ahead.

It’s another beautiful spring day on the island: warm and sunny, with only the lightest breeze. I am sure the beaches will be mobbed with Spring Breakers and assorted other tourists today. I know they’re enjoying themselves.

In yesterday’s post I failed to mention two other anthologies my stories appear in that are available on the market right now. Those are:

I Like It Like That, published by Arsenal Pulp Press, a Canadian house. The title of my story is McGinty Chapel. Here’s the link:

My story, Sebastian Inlet, appears in Best Gay Love Stories 2009, published by Alyson Books, edited by Brad Nichols. Here’s the link:

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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