Hot guy taking a dip; another beautiful Florida day …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like the photo I’ve posted here today? I sure do. What’s sexier than watching a hot guy take a dip in his boxers? How about watching a hot guy skinny dip?

I had a fine evening with my buddies in the city last night, then I got to speak on the phone with my friend in Wisconsin. He said it was damp and dreary up there, and I hated to tell him just how beautiful the weather here in Florida is right now. This morning it’s sunny, warm and breezy, and after lunch I think I’ll take an hour-long walk on the beach.

Looks like I won’t be visiting my fishing camp this weekend. A cold front’s coming through tomorrow, bringing with it a lot of wind and rain, miserable weather for fishing. So, I guess I’ll stay home and work in the yard some.

Yesterday was another extremely busy day on the blog. Not as busy as Tuesday, but I still had a huge number of visits. Who knows why?

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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