Sexy guy in white briefs; Martin’s gone fishing …

Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in high school we had to shower after P. E. class every day, no exceptions. At that time, every guy wore whitey tightey underwear, again, no exceptions. I can’t say I care for the look on most guys, but I think white briefs look great on the guy whose photo I’ve posted here this morning. What do you think?

I was up at seven AM this morning so I could visit the tackle shop and purchase “select” shrimp before they were all sold out. Now I’m home and getting packed for the fishing trip, so I don’t have much time to post. It’s a beautiful morning here: sunny and cool. The wind’s blowing, but not too harshly, and hopefully it will die down this afternoon when we head down the river.

Have a nice Saturday, all.

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