Two hot guys going at it; busy day for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like the photo I’ve posted here this evening? Sometimes a couple of guys get the urge to do the raunchy deed. Their clothes come off, lube and a condom come out of a drawer, and away they go. Hey, isn’t romance wonderful?

It’s been a busy day for me. I spent nearly three hours working on a fresh chapter in my new novel. Then it was “errand time.” (Groan …) Gas station, liquor store, bank, barber shop (I needed a trim badly), then back home where I fertilized plants and watered others. I replaced burned out halogen bulbs in a few ceiling fixtures (a tricky procedure), then I took an hour-long walk on the beach. It was beautiful down there, and we still have lots of out-of-state visitors among us.

I took a three-mile run around four PM. It was warm and breezy and just perfect for exercising outdoors. (April in Florida is the best.) Now I’m freshly showered and enjoying a cold beer. I guess I’ll do a bit of editing before I start dinner and visit the beach for sunset.

After I experienced very heavy traffic on this blog over the weekend, it’s been kind of dead yesterday and today; I don’t know why.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening, all.

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