Hot guys in boxer shorts; busy weekend on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everybody like the photo I’ve posted here this morning? It’s sort of a “gay man’s fantasy” moment, isn’t it? I’m assuming this was shot backstage at a fashion show, as you can see clothing racks in the background. What a bunch of hot guys! (I think I like the first in line the most, the guy behind him is sexy, too, but they’re all hot. Who’s your favorite?)

It’ll be a busy weekend on the island. The population of my village is about 2,000. Once a year, in late April, our community association sponsors a weekend of outdoor concerts, and this weekend is when the 2010 event will be held. Vendors sell food and drink. Friday night is rock music, Saturday the Tampa Bay Orchestra will play, right on the beach. About 3,000 people attend and it’s always a fun time.

I’m having friends for dinner Saturday night and we’ll join the crowds at the concert. It’s always a fun people watching event. And this year the weather will be perfect. After the Saturday concert ends, my neighbors and I will throw a block party in front of my house; it always goes into the wee hours, with endless beer and wine. Food, too.

So, I have a busy weekend ahead. I’ll visit the YMCA this afternoon for a workout and lap-swimming, always a treat. Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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