Another Gordon Hayward post; basketball’s on Martin’s mind …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yeah, I’m posting more photos of Butler University’s basketball phenom, Gordon Hayward.

I’m not a major hoops fan. I mean, I used to play with my buds in high school and college but I was never very good. Weak ankles and lousy ball handling were my downfall. But basketball’s been on my mind a lot lately, due to the novel I’m presently writing. The main character’s a high school student named Tyler whose stepbrother, Devin, teaches Tyler the finer points of the game. Tyler falls in love with the sport and with Devin, and the story takes several very interesting turns. I’m about 75% done with the first draft. It’s coming along nicely, I think.

In order to do the story justice, I had to do research on a variety of basketball related topics. What happens at high schoool basketball tryouts? What sorts of drills do players perform at their practice sessions? What’s the typical relationship between coach and player? How is an underhanded layup executed? How many steps toward the goal does a player get, when he’s not dribbling, before he must shoot the ball or earn himself a “traveling” call? (The answer’s two.)

I’ve questioned a few friends who played high school ball and I’ve spent quite a bit of time visiting hoops related websites, learning a lot in the process. Basketball’s more complicated than you might think.

I know, I know … I don’t normally include two photos in a single post, but I came across this second one on the Internet and I couldn’t resist using it. What a great picture. Isn’t Gordon cute? Does anyone know anything about his personal life? I understand he may turn pro next year instead of completing his education at Butler University. (Don’t do it, Gordon; get your degree instead. I promise I’ll send you a few Martin Delacroix books you can read in the jock dorm after practice. All I need is your e-mail addy.)

Readers, do you think Gordon will share his addy with me? (R-i-g-h-t. Fat chance …)

Okay, enough about basketball and Gordon Hayward. My days’ been pretty lazy, though I put in 2-1/2 solid hours at the keyboard, writing a new scene in my novel. I took a walk around the southern portion of my island, ran a few errands, and visited a friend in town for a bit. Now I’ve just opened a beer and I think I’ll spend some time editing what I wrote this morning.

It’s overcast and muggy outside, with a 20 MPH wind blowing out of the south. I’m not sure if we’ll have a sunset tonight or not. I guess it’s a good night to stay indoors with the air conditioning on. I’ll read or watch a movie.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, everyone.

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