Shirtless hunk; Martin’s a bit hungover …

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes followers of this blog write me and say, “How come you always post photos of skinny guys? Where are the hunks?”

Okay, okay … hopefully this morning’s photo will satisfy your cravings for beef. He is pretty hot, isn’t he?

I’m a bit hungover this morning, with good reason. Three friends arrived at my place around five P.M., for drinks and a variety of tasty snacks. We walked five blocks to the music festival, where we drank beer and listened to the orchestra play pop and classical pieces while the sun went down. It was a beautiful night here: breezy and not too warm. Sunset was pretty, the beer was flowing and everybody was in a good mood.

After sunset the four of us returned to my place for dinner: chili and cornbread and plenty of wine. Then we returned to the festivalĀ for moreĀ music and beer. When the music ended, the neighbors on my block threw a party in front of my house: more beer, wine and food. It lasted into the wee hours. About seventy people were there and it was fun. I played my guitar on the front porch for a while.

Two of my guests ended up spending the night in my guest bedroom. I’m not quite sure what time I got to bed, but I think it was around one AM. This morning, I did not rise until 10:30 and I must admit I’m moving a little s-l-o-w right now.

I’ll get a bit of writing done, maybe take a run later on. A friend from Germany is calling me at four PM for a chat. I think I’ll lay low this evening, maybe read more from The Vast Fields Of Ordinary.

Enjoy your Sunday, all.

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