More Gordon Hayward photos, as requested …

Hi, friends and readers:

My post a few days back, featuring photos of Butler University basketball star, Gordon Hayward, drew a lot of visits, and requests for more pictures of Gordon. Being the cooperative guy that I am, I’m furnishing a couple more I really like. What a handsome guy and what a smile. I wonder what he’s up to tonight?

I’ll tell you what I’m up to this evening: nothing. I wrote all morning, then I gave my house its monthly cleaning, it takes three hours. After that I worked in the yard about two hours. Now my place looks great but I am tired. Maybe when I get older I’ll get myself a cute Asian houseboy to do these things. (“Xiang, I think the flower beds need mulching.”)

My new novel is coming along nicely. It’s at 33,000 words now. I love my main character, Tyler, a high school student who likes basketball almost as much as he likes boys. His favorite position is power forward. The story takes place in the mid-1960s, in Volusia County, Florida, and Tyler’s favorite NBA player is Jerry West. Anyone out there remember West? I do. He played for the Lakers at the time and was considered one of the most consistent players in the league at the time. Tyler owns a Lakers jersey with West’s name and number on the back, a Christmas gift from his mom.

Back to Gordon Hayward a moment. Have you ever visited Indiana? Gordon’s from there. It’s a unique state. I lived in Indianapolis one winter, I was there on business. And though the weather was cold, I enjoyed my stay immensely. The people were so friendly. I visited Bloomington, where the Indiana University campus is located, and I even passed through the town of French Lick (no joke) where Larry Byrd, another NBA standout, is from. Take my word for it, Hoosiers are nice folks for the most part. They made me feel at home when I was there.

It’s pretty here on the island tonight. Today was quite warm, with a high near 90 degrees F, but now it’s cooling off and there’s a nice breeze blowing. I will definitely do sunset tonight, maybe share a few glasses of wine with my neighbor. I have a new Netflix movie to watch later on, called A Very Serious Person. I’ve seen it once before and I liked it so much I decided to watch it again. It’s a great story, so maybe you should give it a try sometime soon.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, all and … goodnight, Gordon.

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