Naked guy; royalty check for “Love Quest” sales …

Hi, friends and readers:

Face it, some guys look best when they aren’t wearing clothes, like the guy in the photo I’ve posted here this morning. Everyone agree? Ever been to a nude beach? I have, in both Europe and Hawaii. I never saw anyone who looked like him, Why is that?

I checked the in-box on my e-mail account this morning and found a pleasant surprise: payment to my PayPal account from Noble Romance for recent sales of my novella, Love Quest. I was shocked at how many units were sold during March and April 2010, especially through the All Romance e-Book site:

It seems people are telling their friends about Love Quest. I know I receive nice comments from folks through this blog, complimenting Love Quest, but I didn’t realize it was selling as well as it has. Nice news!

I’ve got a busy day ahead: writing all morning, YMCA in the afternoon, then I’m attending a friend’s birthday party this evening. It’s being held at a bar/seafood restaurant here on the island and it should be fun. Outside it’s warm, but breezy and the humidity remains low, not bad for mid-May.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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