Sexy boy from the Midwest; Martin loves Wisconsin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yes, I know I didn’t post yesterday. The truth is, I was so busy I didn’t have the time to sit down with my laptop and post my thoughts. But I’m up early and my friend is still snoozing, so I’m answering e-mails and taking care of other business while I have the time.

The guy whose picture I’ve posted here this morning is named Killean, he lives in the Midwest. We have chatted a few times and he’s a very nice guy and quite handsome, I think. Do you?

Like I said, yesterday was quite busy. After a quick breakfast we went shopping. I wanted a University of Wisconsin t-shirt with “Bucky The Badger” on it and it took a while to find just the right one. People in Madison take great pride in their school and you see these t-shirts everywhere in town. After that, my host took  me on a walking tour of downtown Madison and the lakefront. There are so many nice buildings in this city, both old and new. We visited the state capitol building, which was beautiful — lots of marble and tile mosaics and gilded statuary. Why don’t we build structures like that anymore?

After a late lunch, we took a driving tour of the west end of town. It’s very green and suburban with many parks and lakes. I had no idea Wisconsin was so lush. I can see why people love it so during summer. Around five PM we walked to the UW campus, to the lakefront terrace, where we drank two pitchers of locally brewed beer and watched a beautiful sunset. The weather had cooled and we had to wear hoodies to keep warm. We also drank beer in the Rathskellar, a nice gathering spot for students and faculty, a building nearly 100 years old, and very nicely done. I love the UW architecture.

After a dinner of tacos (How gourmet!)  we joined a group of students at an outdoor bar for more beer and conversation. People here are so friendly and they treated me like I was one of the gang instead of Old Man Martin. I don’t think we made it home until midnight.

Today we’ll drive northwest to Door County, the peninsula on Wisconsin’s east side. It’s looks sort of like a splinter. It’s supposed to be very beautiful, so I’m excited to get going. I’ll try to post tomorrow if there’s time. Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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