Hot, shirtless guy in sunglasses; Martin’s sold another novella …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like the photo I’ve posted here this evening? I sure do. He reminds me of a character named Corey in my novel, Maui. I’m guessing the photo was taken in Hawaii. See the mountains in the background?

I’m in Milwaukee tonight. My friend and I are spending the night in the La Quinta (Elegant, eh?) and tomorrow I will  jump on a plane around three PM to return to Florida. I love my little island, of course, but I will miss my friend terribly. We’ve had such a good time while I have been here. Yesterday, in Door County, WI, was so nice. What a beautiful place. It’s a summer resort area, situated between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, and it’s so green and quiet and rural. We passed through several quaint towns and we visited two coastal parks with canopy roads.

We also did a little tour of Milwaukee’s lakefront, a beautiful area filled with large, 1920s homes and tree-lined streets. If you’ve never been here you might want to visit sometime.

I received good news yesterday: a company called Eternal Press has purchased my novella, De Narvaez, a 20,000-word book taking place in a small town in the Florida Panhandle. Here’s the blurb:

After an eighteen year absence, Dallas Tench, a thirty-six year old gay man, returns to his Florida hometown of DeNarvaez, population ten thousand, to oversee administration of his late father’s estate. When Dallas encounters his former high school friend and lover, DeWayne Hobgood, the two men renew their relationship. Dallas is smitten, DeWayne is too, but there’s a problem: DeWayne’s married to a woman named Taylor. And DeWayne has two teenage children from a prior marriage. Will Dallas settle for a part-time, hidden relationship with DeWayne in DeNarvaez? Or will DeWayne leave Taylor and follow Dallas back to San Francisco?

I finished the book about a year ago, and it took me a while to place it with a publishing firm. The length and the subject matter don’t fit with many houses, but Eternal Press is a great publisher, very professional, and I’m looking forward to working with them. As always, it will be many months before this book goes on the market, but I’ll notify readers via this blog when the time comes.

Enjoy your Friday night, all.

One thought on “Hot, shirtless guy in sunglasses; Martin’s sold another novella …

  1. Love this photo!!! It’s night time. Hot. And the guy looks AMAZING!!! Love it how the only light source is the vending machine. Lights his face and body up beautifully…

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