Martin’s novel, “Maui”, still selling well …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah, it’s royalty check time and, surprise, my novel, Maui, continues to sell quite well. I receive many nice compliments on this book from readers all over the U. S., Canada and Europe. Here’s the book blurb …

When Ishmael Fanning, a Florida surfer and grade school teacher, gets dumped by his partner of seven years, he relocates to the Hawaiian island of Maui. There he quickly finds himself involved with two younger men, Corey, a competition surfer, and Spencer, who works in a skateboard shop.

Eventually, Ishmael must choose between Corey and Spencer, and it’s not an easy decision for him to make. Spencer’s not the brightest guy, but he has a sensitive side that appeals to Ishmael. Corey’s a prize-winning surfer, he’s got two years of college and he looks like a fashion model, but his sexual orientation troubles him.

Both Spencer and Corey want Ishmael as a lover. Which guy will Ishmael choose?

If you want to buy a copy of Maui, it’s only available in digital format. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Traffic on this blog has been quite heavy the past few days, about double the normal activity. I think the posts about homphobia in the surfing subculture got some people riled up.

I’m off to the city for beer-drinking and dinner with my buds. Enjoy your Wednesday evening, everyone.

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