Another hot Aussie boy …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like the photo I’ve posted here this morning? Let me explain a little bit about it. In February 2006 I visited a friend and fellow surfer while he lived in Manly Beach, a suburb of Sydney. It’s a beautiful place with a fine surfing beach and friendly people. I was there ten days and I hated to leave, because I¬†so enjoyed my visit.

Every morning, while in Manly Beach, I’d borrow a surfboard from my friend and walk to the surfing beach; it was only two blocks from my buddy’s apartment. On weekdays all the high school kids would be waiting for the ferry to take them to Sydney schools they attended. The boys all wore outfits like the young man in today’s photo: white shirt and rep necktie (sporting school colors), shorts and striped knee socks (also sporting the school’s colors). No exceptions.

The girls had to wear frumpy cotton dresses¬†hemmed below the knee, white ankle socks and black “Mary Jane” shoes. Again, no exceptions.

At first I found the outfits humorous, but the more I saw them the more they appealed to me. The uniforms level the playing field. Whether your parents are rich or poor, you look the same as the next kid in school. Equality’s good, right?

Anyway, these hunky Australian high school boys actually looked kind of sexy in their uniforms, like the guy in today’s photo. Who wouldn’t like to hold hands with him?

I have a busy day ahead. I was up early to drive a relative to a clinic for a medical procedure. I’ll spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon editing a group of stories for another Martin Delacroix anthology I’m pitching to a new publishing house. I have not worked with them before, but I know the company’s owner as we are both authors and have published with the same houses in the past.

I’ve got an appointment in town late this afternoon, then I’ll take a run around five P.M. There’s actually a nice breeze blowing here on the island this morning. I hope it keeps up.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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