Lover boys in bed; another busy day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers: Isn’t the photo I’ve posted here this morning cute? Look at the guy on the left. We’ve all been in his situation before, haven’t we? He’s thinking, “My boyfriend’s so cute and I want to have sex with him, right now. But should I wake him up or let him sleep?” If you are thinking, “WWMD?” (“What would Martin do?”), I’ll give you a hint. I’d wake him up in a heartbeat.¬† (Okay, maybe that’s selfish, but …) Visits to this blog this morning are way up again, as are the number of comments I receive. It’s so nice to receive kind remarks about the books and stories I write. People also wrote to thank me for publishing my story, Dr. Fungo’s Amazing Time Machine, on this blog, in three installments, several days ago. You’re welcome, everyone. Today will be a quiet one for me. I have stories for an upcoming¬†anthology to edit. A guy is coming this afternoon to install my new Bosch dishwasher, something I have wanted for a long while, but I kept putting it off until my old dishwasher died last week. How nice it will be to have super-clean dishes! (See what an exciting life I lead?) Have a great Thursday, all.

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